I have purchased and received the link for the River Yealm through my iPhone, but Safari says it cannot download it?

The films are not an 'app' and therefore cannot be downloaded directly from the internet into the iphone, they are large quicktime files of 150mb upwards that have to go through iTunes in the same manner that you have to sync your music into the iphone/ipad.

I have downloaded the film, Fowey for iPhone, but I cannot add it to iTunes, nothing happens?

Find the film file in your downloads folder, or wherever you saved it to, it will have a .zip extension on the end of the file. The .zip is packaging and compression, you need to unwrap and un-compress the file first. Double click to unzip it, this will create a second file, without the .zip extension. It will now have an mp4 or mpeg4 extension. Go back to iTunes and add this file to your library.

Will it play on iPad?

Yes, download the iPhone version and add it to iTunes, then sync it to your iPad. If in doubt, download iTunes 9.1.1, Under the advanced menu you have an option to covert to iPad version, but you should not need to do this.

I cannot see the Channels Islands as a selection?

We have filmed 53 ports along the South Coast of England, including the Channel Islands and Scilly Isles. We are constantly editing and creating films from the footage we have, but it takes a long time. The Channel Islands are next to be edited, so keep watching...... they will appear

This looks like a great service, and in eager anticipation I purchased your 'Salcombe Harbour' film for download (receipt below), but I lost the page from my browser, and now cannot find the download link anywhere. How do I actually get hold of the film itself?

If you run a search for Salcombe in your machine it should find it in your downloads folder. If not, then you haven't downloaded it and your connection is lost. But don't worry, we can either email another or create a discount coupon that will enable you to buy it again for almost free. If you are in a hurry, please make the purchase again and we will issue a refund later.